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You will see our running shipping system in the screenshots down below.
HVS 32 back

HVS32 Anmeldung

The first dialog of the HVS32.
Here you can login.

HVS32 Lieferschein-Verarbeitung

If you want to process one of your packing slips, you just have to scan the corresponding number.
The address and all other data will be filled automatically.

HVS32 Adressstamm-Verarbeitung

The alternative is to deposit the address in your address master data or to import your address master data into our system. Now you can find your data easily because of a special search and filters.

HVS32 Automatik Polling

Also the HVS is able to work as background service.
In this mode, upcoming data automatically will be processed and the labels will be print.

HVS32 Konfigurator

In the configurator you can set up all functions of the HVS32.

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