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HVS 32
The entrance into the world of a high performance shipping procedure

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HVS32 - Ein Versandsystem das immer passt

The Heidler Shipping-System for 32 Bit, also known as HVS32...

... has more than a simple handling
  • scan the barcode of the delivery-note using a scanner,
  • scale the parcel electronically,
  • and a label with all carrier-specific data will be printed.
... increases the efficiency of your shipping
... offers you a free choice of carriers
... is able to communicate with your ERP system     by diverse interfaces

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data-exchange using

  • a batch file
  • a file interface
  • "File polling" running as a background task
  • a database with ODBC capabilities
  • HTTP (GET and POST)
  • TCP/IP Sockets
  • RFC ( SAP )

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standard interface description

Realized interfaces of our partners


With more than 180 carrier, we are sure you will find the right one for your shipping needs!
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